Water is life. Take care of it.

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We offer Water Dispensers and Water Wells for office and factory usage. These can be obtained either on a rental contract or can be purchased outright.

Corporate Labelling

We do this too for very little extra cost to you!
You give us a picture and we will produce the label you require to advertise your company, school or function.

Whole Household Water Filtration

We supply full range of filtration systems and accessories.
No matter what filter system you require in your house, we will supply.

Refill Water

25l, 10l, 5l, 1.5l, 500ml & 330ml.
We supply them all filled with Reverse Osmosis Water and even deliver to your premises.
No matter what the size of the bottle we can refill with clean good drinking water.

In the times we are living, we really need to start taking care of the quality of the water we are drinking. Not only that we need it on hand always.
Are you making plans now to protect yourself? Always have good healthy water on hand when you require it?

A few facts
Replenish Pure Water Bottles

Replenish Pure Water has been in operation for 10 months and has a sister company in Cape Town.
Replenish Pure Water is processed in the following steps-

  1. Obtained from Public Distribution System
  2. The water is filtered through:
    • Carbon Filter
    • Sediment Filter
    • One Micron Filter and finally
    • Reverse Osmosis Filter
  3. We sanitize the water through our ozonated pump which aerates the water, instantly killing any bacteria found in the water.


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